Frontline Fighters Against The Virus

We Disinfect Properties, Businesses and Institutions to combat the Coronavirus.

  • Dependable and affordable

  • Fast and dedicated service

  • Ideal for small business

  • Hospital grade disinfectants

  • Provide peace of mind for customers

  • We cover private, commercial and public spaces



Our strategy centres around three main pillar:s

Equipment, Disinfecting Material & Procedures.

We rely on guidelines set by the: Australian Government, TGA Australia, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-USA)

Communication, Operation

We employ only experienced service providers such as Hotel Managers and B2B Support personnel.


We hire professional cleaners with years of experience who have just lost their jobs due to the economic impact of the virus. This way we ensure High quality performance and provide jobs in challenging times.

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, use it”



More than a disinfection service

We are Capable, We are Dedicated

Virus Fighters was established in April 2020 after most of the team members had lost their job due to the economic impact of Covid19.

We have decided to fight back and win. We see ourselves as Front-line Fighters against the Coronavirus and proud in our role in stopping this historic pandemic.

Our goals are: Saving Lives by disinfecting as many spaces as we can reach and Facilitate normal business activity in Sydney.

Our team is highly motivated and well paid. The result is Higher Quality Service and high percentage of Repeating Customers. We have purchased the highest quality of Machines, Personal Protective Equipment and Disinfectants Chemicals.

We use a one step hospital grade disinfectant Cleaner effective against a wide variety of micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew. They delivered fast, effective cleaning and disinfecting performance in one step, rinse-free.


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Our prices are afffordable so every business can use our services during these hard times


Your business safety and the health of your customers is our # 1 priority

Inspired by bravery and unity demonstrated by Australians in the recent bush fire crisis, We have decided to join the front line against the Coronavirus Enemy who is killing our families, friends and way of life.

Take an active role to Protect Your People and Save Lives by taking Measures to Disinfect Your Site.


Covid19 is relentless and capable but so are we.



Sales:    0484 607 299

Service Team:    0449 741 522


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