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"Starter Package"

Cleaning hours


Disinfection Session


1500 AUD + GST
* New Customers only

"Standard Package"

Cleaning hours


Disinfection Session


6480 AUD + GST
* Must be used within 24 weeks

"Premium Package"

Cleaning hours


Disinfection Session


21250 AUD + GST
* Must be used within 105 weeks

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Our prices are afffordable so every business can use our services during these hard times


Your business safety and the health of your employees and customers is our # 1 priority



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Our Booking Process:
  1. Schedule a free Site visit to:
    => Meet your Account Manager
    => Determine Scope of Work
    => Set Hours per Session


  2. Book one of our 3 combined cleaning and disinfection packages.

Quality Control Procedure:

Whether you wish to adjust the current Scope of Work or seek to improve any  aspect of our performance:

  1. Contact your allocated Account Manager.

  2. Your Account Manager will communicate your adjustment to the Operation Manger.

  3. Our Operation Manger will ensure the implementation of your adjustments.

COVID SAFE Certificate

Immediately after performing a disinfection session (see above video), you will receive the following signed sticker:

Let your employees and visitors know that you care about their health and safety.


More than a disinfection service

We are Capable, We are Dedicated

Virus Fighters PTY LTD was established in April 2020 after most of the team members had lost their job due to the economic impact of Covid19.

We have decided to fight back and win. We see ourselves as Front-line Fighters against the Coronavirus and proud in our role in stopping this historic pandemic.

Our goals are: Saving Lives by disinfecting as many spaces as we can reach and Facilitate normal business activity in Sydney.

Our team is highly motivated and well paid. The result is Higher Quality Service and high percentage of Repeating Customers. We have purchased the highest quality of Machines, Personal Protective Equipment and Disinfectants Chemicals.


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